We will briefly tell you the steps we followed until ending the confection of our textiles.
We provide us of the llama wool from the north-west Argentine provinces. We also make a detailed selection, according to the collection we want to do, our priority is the thickness, the torsion, and the texture of fibres. We distributed that wool to our weavers of crochet and loom, who lives in different provinces such as Buenos Aires, Catamarca, La Pampa and Jujuy.  The work is so enthusiastically made, to continue with the ancestral weave practice, being transmitted from generation to generation, keeping their custom alive and strengthening the culture that joins them to their ancestors.
This allows us to combine the traditional elaboration with the subtle urban style, wonderful mixture for our designs.

Once our articles are made, they are carefully washed and finished; some details are added as well. All of that make our articles different. One of the most important is the incorporation of an accessory in them. Each one is made of silver, alpaca or horn, chosen among 19 craftsmen and jewellers from 8 different provinces.

 Due to the fact that they belong to a limited production, our textiles are distinguished, and they vary from the colour to the type of wool or the way they are elaborated. All of them go with an instruction card of washing and a card with the main characteristics such as weight, type of wool and how it is made, both written in Spanish and English. This second card represents the finished of the article and it is the certificate we offer as an approval of quality and guaranty.

Our articles are very smooth, light, flexible and absolutely natural, that is the reason for us to assure they are special, and we count on you to verify personally. 


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